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Restoration: Ship’s chest

This kakesuzuri style ship’s chest or funa dansu was locked when the client purchased it at auction. I removed the lock to access the interior wherein i found two original keys. The secret box found behind the lower interior drawers was missing so i fashioned…  

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Restoration: Sendai clothing chest

This tansu came to me from Indiana. A water pipe had burst while the family was away and poured water and sediments onto the chest from the floor above. I went over the drawers and cabinet for structural damage, and then focused on finish.  

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Restoration: a persimmon wood handle

Dane from SHIBUI in Brooklyn sent along this small meticulous restoration. The persimmon wood inset handle from a hibachi was broken, so i rebuilt and carved it. Persimmon is kaki in Japanese, and is in the ebony family.  

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Restoration: tansu locks

The images here will help in understanding how the locks on tansu chests operate and provide a close up of interior lock components. In the older “floriate” button locks, the button is pushed up,and locks the drawer by releasing a central steel bar with two…  

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Restoration: painted Tokyo style

A client asked that i restore this Kanto or Tokyo style chest on chest that had been painted. Hardware was removed, paint was stripped, and work begun. Slowly all nail holes were filled and hardware re-affixed. The kiri or paulownia was refinished.

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Restoration: JM’s tansu and hibachi

A suite of pieces came to the shop needing major TLC and refinishing. A merchant chest and clothing chest needed door repairs, another clothing chest required lock plates affixed, and a naga hibachi needed a face lift.

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