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Restoration: tansu locks

The images here will help in understanding how the locks on tansu chests operate and provide a close up of interior lock components. In the older “floriate” button locks, the button is pushed up,and locks the drawer by releasing a central steel bar with two…  

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Restoration: Samurai clothing tansu

This clothing chest sat in water during a shipment from Buenos Aires to Miami and sustained damage to both wood and finish. It consisted of cleaning with a bleach solution and distilled water. Next were plenty of wood repairs, such as the scarfed  angled wood…  

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Restored Tansu

David Jackson has a passion for Japanese woodwork. The following selection represents various Japanese cabinetry designs he has restored. He is at home with various mingei objects as well, from shop signs, shrines, carvings to tools.

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Hako Kaidan: 2007 Japan Foundation Fellowship

David Jackson Fellowship Project: The Kaidan Dansu, a Stairway in Historical Shadow The cabinetry of Japan known as tansu has within its multiplicity of designs something truly unique: a hybrid that is both staircase and cupboard. It is invariably known as the hakodan, hako kaidan,…  

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Exhibition: Nippon Club NYC

In July of 2010 David Jackson co-curated a tansu exhibition at The Nippon Club, NYC. During this exhibition David lectured on the history of step-chests (kaidan–dansu).

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Restoration: Mizuya Doors

Restoration project for Colin and Laurie Mayo

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